Uplighting is an excellent, cost efficient lighting technique for both indoor and outdoor events. Choose either conventional uplights with a single color or use LED uplights for more saturated colors and the ability to change the color scheme throughout the event, creating multiple “looks.” Uplighting can be any color of your choice, preferably a color that ties in with your linens, florals, or overall color palette. The end result will give a magical and romantic glow.


Broader than pinspotting accent lighting illuminates your bar or dessert stations, sweetheart or escort cards tables so your guests can fully appreciate the stunning display. Not to mention, you’ll definitely want your wedding cake to get some attention too!


Pinspots are the best way to highlight your favorite aspects of your event. Make sure your beautiful floral arrangement, art or center pieces don’t get lost in the excitement by putting them center stage with pinspotting. Pin spotting not only helps illuminate the room, but makes all of your guest tables pop with light.


Your wedding monogram, date, initials, or other design you like can easily be custom made into an illuminated projection. Your custom design can be projected on a blank wall or dance floor in any color. If you don’t already have monogram, JL Imagination is happy to assist you in designing one that ties into the overall style of your wedding.


A wash is simply a projection of colored or patterned illumination. A great alternative to over-the-top décor is pattern projection. Pattern or colored wash projections can be used over ceilings, walkways, dancefloors or even to “wallpaper” a room. The band or DJ may require a wash of light and color to help brighten up or enhance the overall ambiance. If patterns and textures are not your style, the wash can simply be a rich, saturated color that complements your overall color palette.


Intelligent dance floor lighting is second by second customized lighting controlled by our lighting technicians.  Lights are sped up or slowed down depending on the music and gives the event a nightclub feel.  A great way to really get the party going!.


Outdoor lighting is some of the most beautiful work we do at JL Imagination. Nature creates exciting lines for us to highlight and shadow. It does require quite a bit more technical expertise and intuition, because most of the time the entire event must be set up in broad daylight! Shadowing in outdoor lighting is as critical as accentuating the space with light. It is quite often that we find ourselves dimming outdoor lighting over the course of the evening to create an intimate environment that doesn’t look too bright and overpowering against the ensuing darkness.

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