From creating stylish ceilings to concealing unsightly wall or high-lighting a special design element, we utilize fabric & drapery to powerfully transform interior and exterior spaces.  Whether adding layers of luxury to a lavish lounge or drops of dapper to a ceremony, cocktail, or reception site, fabric & drapery are a elegant and impactful way to transform your space. Our Drapery services include:
• Custom drape for walls & entry ways
• Fabric backdrops
• Crystal beads curtains


So much more than mere providers of light, lighting fixtures themselves act as decorative pieces. When carefully chosen, and properly placed, luminaires can add a touch of class, shades of sophistication, or gobs of grandiosity. While a crystal chandelier adds elegance, paper lanterns lend themselves to a more carefree whimsical environment. JL Imagination believes that an exceptional event should have a certain flow and cohesiveness about it that only comes from the utmost attention to detail and overall design integration. Our Décor services include:
• Chandeliers
• Lanterns
• String lights

If you’re looking for some ideas to get started give us a call today 415-830-2241 or request a quote online to find out about our affordable drapery & decor options. Don’t leave our site without downloading our customized Wedding Guide!
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