Video has become a staple of today’s promotional efforts. Video allows you to share who you are and what you do in a dynamic way with visuals, music, voice-over and reinforcing text on screen. Communicating on these multiple levels ensures that your message has impact and is well received.
Our team will tailor-make a video package, utilizing our in-house film crew, our top-of-the-range kit and our digital editing suite to fulfill any requirement. Our Video Production services include:

Live Camera Relay

Having your speakers on screen can really help your event attendees engage with the key messages. Using our state-of-the-art equipment you’ll see them on the big screen in crystal clear HD.

Post Production

Our digital edit suite is geared up for fast capture, edit and output of multiple projects for great quality results in an impressive turn-around time.

On-Site Interviews

Using a range of different cameras, lights and microphones we can capture the real feel of an event with either spontaneous or planned interviews on-site – great for a post-event edit.


Want the world to be able to see your event? Webcasting is a great technology which allows people online to view your event live or on-demand.



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