Lighting is an extremely effective way of creating the atmosphere you want for your Event. You will want your guests to feel relaxed, excited, full of anticipation, and enthusiastic...or a combination of all of these! We use natural colors to highlight the grounds for a wedding, corporate colors and outdoor projections to illuminate a Bay Area venue or large scale outdoor illuminations; JL Imagination has the design, the equipment and the expertise.
We work closely with our clients and other departments, providing the technical and artistic solutions to seemingly impossible scenarios. Our Lighting services include:

• Theatrical Lighting • Video Lighting • Band Lighting • Event Mood Lighting
• Band Lighting • LED Uplighting • Table Pin Spotting • Accent Lighting
• Dance Lighting • Ceiling Washes • Custom Gobo • Intelligent Lighting
• Illuminated Décor • Dancefloor Washes • Wall Washes • Tent Lighting
• Stage Lighting • Chandeliers • Lanterns • Outdoor Lighting

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